Since 1968 ISBIR HOLDING, small savings and large public was converted to investment purposes. Interested in leading sectors Isbir Holding companies continue its activities having a total of 350,000 square meters of production facilities.



Isbir Sentetik has been established in 1968. It operates as part of Isbir Holding. The amount of investments are 90 Mil. Euro  between 2005 and 2009. Isbir Sentetik has doubled its capacity within the last 4 years and has reached a annual production capacity of 48,000 tons. As of 2009, Isbir Sentetik is producing on in door area of 180,000 m², all of which is placed it Balikesir, Turkey.

Isbir Sentetik operates in the sectors of industrial packaging and technical textiles. Our company’s structure allows us to produce tape, continuous filament, technical fabrics and packaging materials from polypropylene raw material, all within an integrated system.

Products of Isbir Sentetik;

  • Jumbo Bags (FIBC's) with a carriage capacity of 1000, 1250, 1500, and 2000 kg
  • Special purpose Jumbo Bags (Food Grade, conductive TYPE-C and TYPE-D)
  • 25 and 50 kg woven polypropylene product heavy duty shipping sacks with valves
  • High endurance polypropylene product Geo-Synthetic fabrics (used for highway and dam constructions)
  • Carpet weaving fabric, carpet covering fabric
  • Ground covers and shading nets, high density polyethylene product tarpaulin
  • Net fabrics
  • Agricultural monofilament woven fabrics

Isbir Sentetik, which is one of the first synthetic weaving companies in Turkey and operates in the fields of technical textiles and industrial packaging, exports 70% of its production.

We provide a local service to 55 countries all over the world through our GLOBAL organizational structure.

In the ranking of ‘Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises’, Isbir Sentetik has achieved rank 141 in terms of export and rank 361 in terms of Sales from production, according to 2009 facts&figures.

We are the only representative of our sector with such a broad product range. It is the largest Q-Bag production facility in the World, which operates under the one roof with a yearly production of 2,100,000 pcs Q-Big Bags.

Isbir Sentetik, which exports its goods to globally acknowledged companies such as Akzo Nobel, Dupont, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, La Farge and Cabot Group, keeps on growing by establishing subsidiary companies abroad in the range of its investments.



Isbir Sünger is a subsidiary of ISBIR HOLDING CO. İşbir Sünger which has started its production in Ankara in 1977, is being continued to its operations as the sector leader in the flexible foam industry. Basing on the results both of the giving importance to the usage the modern technologies and the works made towards to the quality development system and standardisation starting from its establishment, since March 1999, the production in Isbir Sunger is being made as approved by ISO 9000 Quality Development Systems.
Isbir Sünger; is producing "high quality sponge" which is the basic input of the beds, armchairs, couches and sitting-groups as well as home-textiles, manufacturing sector, auto upholstery and packaging industry as well as the noise insulation applications. Basing on its manufacturing quailty and production capacity, the Company is constantly maintaining its distinguished place in Turkey in flexible polyurethane sponge manufacture with many alternatives densities, colours, sizes, forms and physical properties.
Isbir Sünger (that manufactures with modern technology and on the world standards) is possessing a factory and 8 stores. It gives services to more than 3.000 customers, and usage of its sponges is being spread at the overseas markets. It covers the direct orders of its large and established customers' portfolio, and presents products countrywide through its stores throughout Turkey. Isbir Sünger (which has renewed its manufacturing technology to LCD technology which is ozone layer friendly) will be always environment friendly, parallel to the developing environmental conscious.



Isbir Bedding:  An Establishment of Isbir Holding
Established in 1968, Isbir Holding and its relative companies keeps manufacturing in its production facilities that spreads around 350.000 square meters. These other companies include: Isbir Synthetics and Textile Inc., Isbir Optics Inc., Isbir Marketing and Export Inc. And Isbir Sponge Industries Inc., as well as Isbir Bedding and Isbir Agriculture Inc.
Isbir Bedding is an Isbir Holding establishment functioning under Isbir Sponge Industries Inc. 
Isbir Bedding is the youngest investment in its field, as well as the only company that connects consumers with its producer Holding.
Isbir Holding, a visionary leader in all production fields, using the experience and know-how gathered from Isbir Sponge Industries in 1999, has invested in the mattress sector with the motto of ‘Hi-Tech For Healthy And Comfortable Sleep.’ Isbir Bedding is the leader of this market, which has become more dynamic in recent years and has witnessed an increasing numbers of players. It is also the market leader in the A+, A- customer group.
Main Activities:
Isbir Bedding, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction when positioning the product and brand name, is the customer’s’ first choice in supreme technology and mattresses for those who care about their health and comfort.
Production and Export, the production groups are shown below:
Visco-elastic (Visco-elastic Memory Sponge 75 – 85 – 100 and over Kilogram/ m3) Mattress,
Sponge Mattress,
PU Latex Mattress,
Spring Mattress,
Twin Mattress,
Hospital Mattress,
Head Boards and Bed Bases,
Home Textile Products.



Isbir Agriculture, an enterprise of ISBIR HOLDING, was founded in Ankara in 2008. Among the companies of the ISBIR HOLDING are, ISBIR Synthetic manufacturing industrial packages, ISBIR Optic manufacturing glasses, ISBIR Sponge manufacturing elastic PU sponges and ISBIR Bed manufacturing beds, pillows and patten. ISBIR Agriculture, has developed the cow bed using the comfort of ISBIR Sponge and ISBIR Bed and the experience in the field of bed manufacturing and presented this bed to the market in 2008 with the trade name “RANCHBED”. Our organization, that proved itself with its quality in every field, draws great attention with the products presented to the market along with its double layered bed that started the business journey for the company.



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