Tape Lines

  • 48,000 tonnes / year Polyolefins raw material usage
  • All the tape lines are equipped with automatic gravimetric dosing units to obtain 1/1000 precision.
  • All of the extruders are equipped with Gear Pump to obtain uniform pressure in the head.
  • All the tape lines are equipped with thickness measuring units and automatic thickness adjusting units
  • 2000 mm line width
  • Fixage skills with 8 cylinders


  • Beaming machines with 3200 bobbin creels

Flat Weaving

  • Flat Weaving Looms up to 540 cm in width (125 looms)

Circular Weaving

  • Circular Weaving Looms (67 looms)


Coating Lines up to 240 cm in width (4 lines)

equipped with;

  • Automatic Thickness Adjusting Unit
  • Fabric Surface Vacuum Cleaning Units i.e called CCP
  • One of the ultimate coating line is dedicated for coating of food & pharma grade fabrics
  • Line is surrounded by special walls and ‘positive pressurized and filtered air’ flows inside of that room

Blown Film

Blown Film Lines equipped with IBC up to 220 cm in width

Most fascinating one is dedicated for production of food and pharma grade liners which has completely closed environment and the positive pressurized and HEPA H13 filtered air flows inside of that zone

High Tenacity Continuous Multifilament Extrusion


Masterbatch Production Facility

  • Twin Screw Extruder for Masterbatch
  • Installed Capacity: 2500 kgs/hr
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