Type C


In order to avoid accidents caused by any type of electrostatic discharges which may occur during filling or the discharging of the Big Bag, Conductive Big Bag should be used.

All Our FIBC's models can be manufactured as Food Grade Big Bags upon request.

Facts about conductive Big Bag

These FIBC's (also known as "Type C Bags") have interwoven conductive threads which are all reliably interconnected and MUST BE GROUNDED. Dangerous static charge is safely dissipated to ground.Type C bags do not cause any discharges. But the most important condition is a reliable connection to ground during filling and emptying operations. To perevent grounding errors, Type C bags are additionally equipped with conductive loops in order to achieve contact to the hoist system, providing it has a path to ground

If this Big Bag remains ungrounded and grounded objects are approaching, spark discharges will occur which can ignite gases, vapours and dusts.

The reason of electrostatic charging
Electrostatic charging is generated when separating a non-conductive material from another one (either non-conductive or conductive) which were in close contact with one another. This explanation can be specified for FIBC's as : When filling or discharging a FIBC's , an amount of electrostatic charge accumulates to the top of the filled material and also to the inner walls of the FIBC's. These charges built up by virtue of the resistance of the materials.

Electrical resistance of materials,
Triboelectric properties of both materials,
Separation speed,
Electrical properties of product feeding systems,

Are electrostatic charges dangerous?
Electrostatic charges are not dangerous by themselves but they may be dangerous when there is a risk of gas discharge. Different types of gas discharges are as follows :

Brush discharges :In general they are capable of igniting gases and vapours but no dusts.
Corona discharges : In general they are not capable of igniting combustible atmospheres.
Spark discharges : In general they are capable of igniting gases and vapours but no dusts.
Propagating brush discharges :They are so strong that not only gases and vapours but also dusts could be ignited.

During the filling process the strongest electrostatic charge occurrence is to be expected. Transporting itself does not increase static electricity. During the emptying process, static charging must again be taken into account.



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