1-2 Loop


Body Construction
Tubular body construction,Single seam base, Sewn square base, Star baseBase Options
Lift Style
Lifting loop is formed out of body fabric, One or two loops alternatives, Possibility to add vertical loops on 4 sides
Circular woven fabric with reinforced bands
Other Technical Features
Coating : Outside,Inside
Class: Single Trip, Multi Trip
Test WL: 2,500 kgs - 9,000 kgs
UN Certification Available : Available
All types of liners

  • Co extruded
  • Gusseted, Suspended, Bottle Shape
  • Bags on rolls for automatic filling lines
  • Dustproof
  • Industrial / Food Grade / Pharma grade productions
  • Type B / Type C / Type D versions
  • Big Bags with filling and discharge spouts
  • Spouts with iris closure / Petal closure / B-Lock / Fix-lock / E-Knot
  • Liner fixing slot for easy discharge
  • Tray base bag
  • Remote discharging option for hazardous materials
  • Integrated slipsheet at the bottom / Lifting holes for palletless use
  • Colored fabrics
  • Up to 2 x 4 color printing


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